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Author: Tyler Mazaika



track.sends.xfader is an easy-to-use Max for Live device which makes shifting a sound’s “stage” as easy as dragging a fader. It does this by cross-fading send knob values. My initial use of this was to setup three reverb busses as follows:

  • A) Close Room: Largely dry signal with a short reverb ( < 0.5s ) to make an "in your face" sound.
  • B) Medium Space: A mostly wet, but short reverb with a Bandpass-type EQ sound that is noticeably thinner than the (A) space.
  • C) Far Space: A totally wet reverb with a long tail through a lowpass filter to give a far away and muddled sound.

With such a setup, simply dragging the track.sends.xfader value from 0%-100% brings the sound from back to front in a very vivid transition.

Of course, Reverbs and EQs are just one type of effect that could be placed on a Return track, and it is certainly possible to use less “natural” sound effects in the Return tracks to achieve entirely different results.

track.sends.xfader used in an instrument track with  the x-fade editor visible.
track.sends.xfader controlling sends A, B and C, with the x-fade editor visible.

The device defaults to a compact size and expanding the view allows choosing between (and editing) differing crossfade curves