Launchpad Controller

Launchpad Controller


  1. MaxMSP.patches.requireLotsOfInteractivity == True
  2. PhysicalInputs.easeOfUse > PointAndClick.easeOfUse
  3. PhysicalInputs.easeOfUse > TouchscreenInputs.easeOfUse
  4. Monome.price > Self.whatIWantToSpend
  5. Launchpad.price ~= Self.whatIWantToSpend
  6. Launchpad.numberOfOwners > Monome.numberOfOwners

…I bought a Launchpad to use as an additional controller for my MaxMSP patches.

Launchpad Controller (IRL)
Launchpad Controller makes bridging a Launchpad and a Max patch easy.
I’ve never liked the idea of making key/controller assignments dedicated to specific functionality within my patches. What if I later decide I need to use a different interface or keyboard to control this function? What if I later decide I’d rather use the Launchpad for another purpose? Reusable code is, definitionally, more useful and is also a more enjoyable challenge to design. Because the Launchpad is relatively inexpensive, it stands to reason that more Max users might own one (than a Monome) and might find a tool for it more useful, too. With this in mind I developed a couple patches to make hooking Launchpad into Max patches more accessible.

The Launchpad Controller tool bundle is available in the toolbox on the cycling74/Max website

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